Paris Street Art

In Paris, art is everywhere. The buildings, the bridges, shop windows, parks, esplanades, and museums – all are breathtaking. Competing with these century-old creations is the contemporary street corner, its facades accessible and ready for renegade art made for the masses by the famous and infamous. That’s where unsanctioned artwork miraculously appears, stunning enough to stop both worker and wanderer. Look down and see a sidewalk telling you to contemplate the sky. Look up and see space invaders, classical paintings, colors, shapes, stickers, political statements, and installations. Questions are posed. Images enter by osmosis and sink deep into the psyche. The whole city is a canvas.


FStreetArt DinerauBlanc3 GraffitiStreetArt6 SpaceInvader2 SpaceInvader1 LovetheFuture1 LaPolitique Installation2